Hi friends, the Holy Spirit has shared many visions with me and it’s time for me to prophesy on the 2020 turnaround for God’s people. If you’re in doubt of the 5 fold ministry or spiritual gifts I pray you seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. Notice the gifts and numerous times the word “spirit” is used in scripture. Let’s get out of our limited man brain. Read ALL of Ephesians, Acts 10:44-48, 1 Corinthians Ch. 12 and Roman Ch. 8.

Pray for ANY church where you do not see these biblical spiritual gifts or 5 fold ministry being in action. This is all biblical and not some far-reaching ideology. Unfortunately many churches have neglected the spiritual realm teachings that are clearly laid out in the Bible. Why? The evil spirit of religion is why. Let’s move on and get into what WILL come.

I prophesy that the turn around starts in 2020!

While praying in tongues my spirit was in the throne room and looked down to earth. I saw a breath from God’s nostrils/spirit blow out and create a cleansing wind starting in the center of America. It removed all demonic spirits east to west, buildings were no longer on fire & darkness fled. Then the fire of God was being thrown down like fire balls to pockets of believers all over the earth. During that time many were being saved and not through religious condemnation but by the FIRE of God drawing them in. Then as the Holy Spirit was in motion, an angel started blowing the trumpet of peace. The trumpet had a white ribbon hanging from it. The peace I felt represented that the church finally had unity on Earth as Paul so deeply desired and wrote about. I didn’t see anything after that but previous visions actually work into this one. (they are to come)
If you’re wondering about how I have these visions etc. its by the Holy Spirit and not me. He is allowed to move freely in me and when I pray in tongues He shows me things to come.
So my dear friends, I am praying for YOU! Stop thinking of what you can do in your physical body and dig into the scriptures. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal that YES you too can have a heavenly prayer language & perform miracles as the apostles did.


The vision I had is cause for celebration! I prophesy it WILL happen and that Jesus hears us so the Father hears us! Angels are to carry out what He calls us to pray for. As my dear friend Jasmine said to me the other day, I’m tired of these lame prayers! HAHAHAHAHA! Me too sister! Are you tired of weak and lame prayers, then seek God yourself and not through a pastor, prophet or prophetess.


My mighty King, I thank you for the power you have given your people who accept your son, Jesus Christ. I thank you that you even marked the anointing on many before they were saved. I pray any of your anointed not walking with you in spirit and truth would accept you and carry out the work you have declared on your prophetic time clock. Let us minister to you oh Father God rather than having lame prayers. I thank you for saving me and allowing me to be in fellowship with you during these EXCITING times for believers. Lord I know nothing will stop President Donald Trump from a second term. Nevertheless I pray for his safety against the evil powers that would assassinate him. Yes you know what I speak of Lord. I pray that you would remove the scales from the eyes of any Christian stuck on personality rather than anointing. Remove their brainwashing from the dark side and reveal to them the plan You have for this man. Yes I acknowledge DJT is only a man, but you are using him therefore I worship you Father. In all things I praise and ask in the name of Jesus and give Him the glory and honor, Amen!

Faith is real, fear is not

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