The stage is set

That phrase continues to echo on my spirit, THE STAGE IS SET. I heard it instantaneously upon finding out Mike Pence chose to fear men more than God.

I had spoken with a friend this morning and said, since I heard Pence could overturn things or call for a special emergency review of the evidence I knew he wouldn’t do it. I felt like it was the Holy Spirit telling me but I decided to keep it to myself.
God already knew Pence would fail but on judgment day Pence will not be able to say that God didn’t give him a chance.
Pastor Kent Christmas has repeatedly prophesied that
Therefore Pence who even Pastor Kent said was anointed for his role on January 6th will now not be able to get any glory.
Prophet Tracy Cooke also says..
Never let the anointing take you where your character can’t keep you.
That’s exactly what happened to Pence. He caved to whatever the evil ones have threatened him with. Enough of him.

Next Pastor Dutch Sheets (notice I honor the prophets and they will be proven of God) shared a dream on Give Him 15. That dream was about Trump having the code to a vault which just represents he has classified intel only he can release. In the dream this vault contained truth and God’s glory. I personally believe the vault mentioned in the dream contains all the evidence needed to not only overturn the fraudulent election but also the sinister and vile videos, recorded calls and email about Molech worship within government, Hollywood and elites. Why are we so dumb to think demonic religions just somehow disappeared throughout time? How foolish. HOW MODERN DAY CHURCH LIKE OF US. We have allowed sin to run wild because of fear of hurting someone’s feelings when we should be loving them to the truth. So Satan has been allowed to infiltrate our schools to teach perverted science to children, he has infiltrated big companies and employers to fire us, if even on our personal time, we stand up for Christ values. Sadly the enemy has mostly invaded our churches. Church alters are empty and its sickening to the Father. Does no one want to worship Him at the alter anymore? It’s not a bad place. Repenting from sin? Wonderful then go to the alter and get super close to Jesus. Feel overwhelmed with love for Him, Praise God! Go to the alter to publicly show your love.
Do you have a friend or family member you want to pray for…why not go to the alter???!!! Our churches have dodged preaching the Word relevant to the days we are in. Do you think God would want His flock ignorant of the evil being planned or done? NO! We are supposed to be in every facet of society in order to pray against and confront evil. Otherwise evil takes over! Oh so you think it doesn’t matter who is POTUS because God will make everything lovely? Ummmm tell that to Saul because God was not happy and put a man after His own heart, David in place.

I have called out wrongs that the Holy Spirit directed me to write about. Now then, let’s look a that stage set for Christ Jesus glory.
It seems impossible, Red Sea moment. However Jesus has had me turn and view this is a Lazarus moment.
John 11:33 When Jesus saw her weeping and saw the other people wailing with her He was moved with indignation and was deeply troubled.
I believe that Jesus was angry at Satan for making His beloved cry. Just like now I believe Jesus is about His Father’s work and is tired of the enemy.
John 11:35 – 37 Jesus wept. The people standing nearby said, “See how much He loved him.” But some said, “This man healed a blind man. Why couldn’t He keep Lazarus from dying?
It’s clear to me why Jesus wept. He had already read the thoughts of everyone standing around, which He often did. When Jesus felt their thoughts and knew some only looked at Him as a man crying for a friend who He couldn’t get back, it broke His heart. Then when Jesus heard others basically blame Him for Lazarus death I imagine Jesus thinking about when He created them all. He created them all from the dust and now here they go blaming the Creator rather than Satan. So what does Jesus do…
John 11:43… Lazarus COME OUT!
Even though no one standing by Him believed in His resurrecting power, Jesus indeed rose Lazarus from the grave.
What love! What mercy! What other God could ever compare!
America, Jesus is about to resurrect our nation from the dead!
His angels are on Earth and pushing back the enemy as we speak. The devil and his demons are in panic mode. Pay no mind to the media suddenly being appalled by riots or in this case fed up people storming the evil ones in the capitol.
The Lord will direct Donald J. Trump to provide the receipts to the deep dark secrets in the vault. God’s glory will fall and all those involved in globalizing America to a one world order will run and hide. All the Christians who fell for the lies of left wing devils and right wing traitors will be able to see truth because of Michael and his army pushing back the demonic suppression blinding them. The greatest harvest of souls is ready to begin.
As for the remnant we are warring in the spirit and rejoicing NOW and we will NEVER STOP!
To all the false pastors & all the pastors not obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit … Michael is coming for you and your candlestick next. You have been warned by the Holy Spirit directly, by Pastor Kent Christmas and now me but only by the leading of the Holy Spirit. You may have one more Sunday to make things right. Get ready, the stage is set.

Praise you Jesus! The darkness is about to be lifted off us and troubled souls will find rest! Many who thought you were an evil God will be love struck to the fire in your eyes! The enemy will run from us because of you our Mighty God! Your praise will no longer be suppressed and freedom will ring!

This Bride is ready!
Jennifer Netherton

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