Posture yourself

It’s time to posture yourself for the latter rain.

Your imagination isn’t grand enough to conceive what splendor is ahead.
Your dreams haven’t stretched beyond their own infancy just yet.

So, sing praises unto the Lord! Give Him a shout of acclamation!
Worship Him for what He is planning over every aspect of your life!
So allow your praise to welcome in His harvest over you!

His justice, mercy and blessings have already been decided on your behalf!
He is singing a new song over you! He is removing the trespassers from your life, your destiny and over Washington D.C..

Give Him a shout for there is no comprehension, no scale able to measure and no way to explain in science the IMPLOSION of HIS POWER coming to His people and ALL who desire to be adopted in His family!

I celebrate the glorious and audacious work of His hand that is very close to performing the unimaginable over YOUR life and MINE!!

Glory to the King,
Jennifer Netherton