You read that correctly. This word from the Holy Spirit, I hesitated to give. Let me start with saying, I love the church and the brethren. However the Father is calling HIS CHURCH OUT so His glory may be manifest in the Earth.
You thought that Satan had all authority over the earth? No, he’s the “prince” of darkness. My God is King and He who lives in me says I am a Daughter of Zion. I am an heiress to an eternal kingdom.

Romans 8:11 – But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you!

We lost dominion in the garden BUT BY JESUS the dominion was given back to His sons and daughters. READ THE SCRIPTURES AND TAKE YOUR TERRITORY AND PURPOSE BACK CHURCH! The blood of Jesus and the supernatural power in Him is for me, you and all those who accept Him. (Read Isaiah 59:15-17, Hebrews 2:5-8)
How long will the church be passive? How long will “old time religion” be sung in a church as if it’s a medal of honor? WAKE UP…IT’S A SHOUT TO THE ENEMY THAT HE HAS YOUR POWER IN HIS HAND. Religion is what the Pharisees had, the Spirit of ALMIGHTY GOD who wants us to pray YOUR KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN IS OUR SONG! Does this world look like His will? HE knew this was to come but it wasn’t God’s will for us sit back and wait for a trumpet to sound. It is only His will as long as we do not act accordingly! Yes I long for the Bridegroom but we are called to occupy until then! God’s will always gets carried out BUT HE WAITS FOR A GENERATION TO WAKE UP AND BE THOSE PEOPLE! Our daily lives, our blessings have became a hindrance to His MORE in our lives. How do I know…because I was guilty. How many more days will we walk around in our bubble and think our scheduled services are deserving of Honor from the Father to us??!! I really felt like I was moving up when I read my Bible in the morning, said a little prayer, cried when I had visitation from the Holy Spirit, went to church, tithed, worked all day like a good American, came home and enjoyed my horses then cooked and cleaned. WRONG! He wanted more of me, Hallelujah, He wanted all my time, my sleep and my hunger. THANK YOU FATHER!

Confession – I was like a spoiled brat when it came to fasting! Let me recommend The Power of Consecration by Jeremiah Johnson. It changed my life. Yes, I did a 3 day partial fast, you heard me PARTIAL FAST (Daniel Fast) and it changed my life. I had no clue how my all day grazing reaching for food and especially sugar was ruining my body and mind.
The Lord broke through when I fasted and listened. As the enemy started to tell me since I wasn’t completely fasting I was doomed, the Lord whispered, I’m teaching you a lifestyle. What would a one day fast accomplish if you went right back to the same habits? So after 3 days and suddenly 5lbs down I ate meat, ok Lasagna. I do not boast on my weight loss, heavens NO. On day 3 I felt like I should weigh. Just understand that with me already being a smaller size it revealed all the junk I was filling my belly with where His Spirit needed to feed me. Guess what? The Lord cares. He is serious, yet my cheerleader. I will fast again and often why…because I encountered new levels of HIM that I can’t live without!! Praise the Lord!
Now then, brothers and sisters there is still time to pray! Find joy in praying down the strong holds! You really can, I know I do. Praise His name and declare His power and glory over this land! He will remove the fear and make you strong in Him! He will fill all those areas you feel lost in. I know this to be true! He loves you!

Here’s another problem. The church is treating Prophets like a pope. How so? God’s ppl are seeking answers and connecting with Prophets online. When they hear a prophesy of prosperity… they say that’s for me, then sit back and wait. When it doesn’t come to pass it’s either the Prophets fault or Gods. WHAT??? Did you pray and ask the Lord about it? Did you discern the spirit? Sadly, Lord forgive us, we depend and sometimes blindly trust in that Prophet or Pastor’s relationship with the Lord and neglect having a relationship with Him ourselves! NO NO NO! Jesus is the High Priest and we must go to the throne room and seek the Lord ourselves to know what is right and wrong. It’s not the responsibility of the 5 fold ministry to be your advocate to the Father.
What about when a prophesy proclaims wrath and judgment? I do have a heart for those living in fear, I pray you seek the Lord in Spirit and truth because that is an attack from the enemy and I bind it over any of you now by the Blood of Jesus! How about those people who claim the prophet must be false since disaster never hit. Those people are stocked up on ammo and beanie weenies. Lord help us, did you know that those type of prophesies are a warning from God so that we may LISTEN, PRAY and REPENT oh no I said REPENT but yes REPENT and turn to God? It’s not a time to be fearful brothers and sisters. It’s a time to test the spirit and see if its a word from the Holy Spirit or not. If it is then GIVE THANKS THAT GOD IS WARNING US TO SEEK HIM AND ESCAPE WRATH! If the destruction never comes and you never hit those knees and cried to the Father then it’s time to thank the Lord that others prayed and He heard their prayers! IF you did pray and still you expected evil and didn’t see it PRAISE THE LORD HE HEARD YOU!

A message for those who have operated in the Apostolic anointing for years or just learning they have been called…
Do not let others or demon spirits keep you from the calling on your life. I pray for you to be strong and not fearful of a pointing finger saying you are false. Seek the Lord and He will lead you. Fight the good fight and be who you were called to be! I know you have the fire in you and it want’s to be fed…I have it too and I say NOW LORD! Move your warriors NOW so we may call out the evil for you to break it! Now LORD RAISE UP to spread the news of your LOVE and compassion! Now Lord we confess you are THE ALPHA AND OMEGA!
Church the Bible is full of prophesy so it’s time to teach on it! I say that not by me, because I’m not smart enough to come up with this long post. I give this message only by the power of the Holy Spirit!

The church is mission field! We have allowed sin to creep in & demonic religious strongholds have limited our power. We allow the lost to fool us since discernment isn’t being discussed. The church is meant to be a place the lost can be loved but until they accept Christ, they are not be a gatekeeper! They are not be on stage! Lord God we scream America needs God but we have those in witchcraft operating the gates!
Lord bring your truth to us and allow us to repent! Reveal the demons in your house and bind them in the name of Jesus. Let the lost be found and your name glorified. MAKE US BOLD. Lord help the next person that cherry picks a scripture on how I should obey the rulers and government even if my Christian rights are being threatened or babies being murdered. I pray for you to correct me of any offense I have committed knowingly or not. Jesus keep me moldable. Lord also I pray that even the scoffers would read this will be intrigued to come back and read what you have laid on my heart to blog about next,

Forgive me for my wasted years Lord,
Jennifer Netherton

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  1. Catherine says:

    Powerful message Jennifer.


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