The book of Esther and America

Originally I planned to post about God’s all encompassing love. Due to the sense of urgency placed in my spirit, that even now shortens my breath, this will be a comparative lesson covering chapters 1-4 of Esther. It’s long and worth the time. This isn’t an echo of an Old Testament lesson. Jesus sent me His Holy Spirit to reveal the book of Esther can be comparable to America today in chapters 1-4:14. However, will God’s people and America have the same outcome as written in chapters 4:15- ch. 10?

Lord I ask that you do not let me insert any ideas or thoughts that are of my own. Everything lovely that you say I am, is cherished in my soul. Nevertheless, it’s your Holy Spirit that changed me and so please only allow that portion of you to be in this message.

In chapter one King Xerxes is in his 3rd year reign with a large empire. He appears to be very generous to all who serve him. King “X” host banquets for everyone who serves under his authority. He’s flashy, showing off his wealth. After months of feast he has one more party to throw. (read the chapter so I can skip some of the details please) Chapter 1:10 On the seventh day of the feast, when King “X” was half drunk… Ok so I will stop there to point out that half drunk is drunk. We may call it a buzz in modern day but the fact is beyond the obvious other reasons, King X is not one of God’s people nor has he converted. (This is where the lost who don’t understand repentance and forgiveness would remind me of King David’s past and MY past to say Christians are all a bunch of hypocrites.)
In his drunken state he calls for his wife Queen Vashti to put on her royal crown so he can show off her beauty to all the men. He wanted to boast.
She wasn’t having it. Queen V refused to come.
First think about the culture back then. Not only did she not obey the KING but also she refused her husband. Why? I think this is a typical example of marriage today. Some men are half drunk, with worldly things, and not loving the wife as explained in Ephesians 5. IF a man loves and cherishes his wife like Jesus loves the church then I believe she would come running with joy at his call because she is treated with such love honor and respect. Then, obedience wouldn’t seem like a subservient thing. It would come natural for a wife, out of love. However King X wanted to show her off in a non respectful way so she defied him. Let me be clear though, how hard would it have been for Queen Vashti to throw on her privileged crown and waltz out there to her husband? Lord I’m preaching to myself right now.
The problem with Queen V’s first act of feminism is she didn’t consider the consequences. Her decision was so repulsive that the men feared all women would get this wave of feminism and defy their husbands. The way a man should treat his wife and how a wife should obey her husband has nothing to do with making women a second class citizen in God’s eye. He had to tell men what to do because he knew flesh would fail. He had to tell women what to do in hopes that if a man fails at his job she wouldn’t. I believe the purpose is that if at least one member of the marriage is seeking God and obeying His instructions the more of a chance they will make it through the hard times and go to better days.
So, moving forward the queen is banished and all wives are commanded to obey their husbands by a royal decree of King X.
Chapter 2 introduces us to a Jewish family. Jews were scattered during this time due to King Nebuchadnezzar and others. Mordecai was a Jew who took in his young cousin who was named Hadassah in Hebrew and the Persian (Iranian) translation is Esther. The name Hadassah/Esther means myrtle, bride and or star. No coincidence there. She was young and beautiful and King X just happened to desire a new queen. All the young virgin women were called to the palace. While I can see how easy it is to be appalled at the King for thinking he could just take his pick of which virgin pleased him the most let’s not be dishonest about our American culture. I have never listened to this new and debated song by Cardi B, I was told it was filthy and glorifies women being promiscuous without a conscience. While any and every woman who has lived that life style can be saved and her sin made white as snow, let us also not dare act like Cardi B’s song and King X is worse than what’s happening in the church today. Remember we are the gatekeepers. We are to be held accountable. For instance, there are unmarried couples in the church having premarital sex. I know it seems like the norm but the Word of God never changes on that subject. Besides, I haven’t heard of any men in this day paying for a full year of beauty treatments with fine oils and expensive gifts like King X did for all the virgins. Cardi B and her crew may pass it out like tic tacks but they do not serve our God. We serve Jesus and He says fine oils, feminism or whatever is no excuse for sex before marriage. Those of us reading who can’t go back in time and change our sin do not have to dwell on the past. My God forgave and cleared myself and every Christian who has ever or will ever sin by His loving-kindness and blood. Ask for forgiveness, repent and erase the guilt.
As you know the king made Esther his queen. Hang with me…
There Esther was, the bride of the King. She was enjoying her miraculous transformation from rags to riches. Sound familiar? We mentioned that Esther means bride. The church has lived like Esther did. We went from persecution overseas, came to America, made some bad decisions along the way but from rags to riches here we are. We’ve thrived with freedoms and zero persecution, until recently. Just living a charmed life here in America. (I typed that with my best southern accent) The church is the Bride of Christ and He has placed us on a throne in America. We were to rule this nation under His command. We were supposed to have gatekeepers in place to protect us and this nation. Hmmm. Esther had a gatekeeper, her cousin Mordecai. He had told her not to tell the king that she was a Jew. Queen Esther was able to follow the King/government’s law and also followed the instructions of her God fearing cousin. At this point the 2 didn’t make her have to choose one or the other. Mordecai was loyal to the King. He passed word to Esther about a plot to kill the King and she told King X giving credit to her cousin. That saved the King’s life, or at least we can assume. Being loyal to the King and a man of God brought a challenge to Mordecai. If the enemy can find no wavering in you, trust me that he will try and set you up. In chapter 3 when faced with choosing man’s law or God’s law Mordecai did not bow to Haman, the King’s new number 1. It was actually the King’s command that all were to bow down and show Haman respect. We know Romans 13:1 and other scripture says we are to obey governing authorities. However, many Christians are not also reading Acts 5:29 We must obey God rather than men. So yes we are to obey the government BUT not when it interferes with God’s law. How have so many of the church missed this? Is it the spirit of religion, the spirit of Jezebel, our lack of discipleship or just plain laziness? I realize there are medical and other issues that keep some of our brothers and sisters home rather than gathering with the brethren. However, for those of us healthy and well we are to be gathering, praying and not allowing the government to see how far they can push us without push back. This goes back all the way to abortion, prayer in school, gay marriage and oh my how about preachers we have idolized in the church, greed and pride. Its all wrong.
Well evil Haman didn’t like someone not bowing and worshiping him. His evil rage was so much that Ch. 3:6 explains that Haman decided to kill all the Jews. (yes he found out Mordecai was a Jew) Haman being evil to the core, plotted. He went to King X and described the Jewish people as defiant to all the King’s laws, so recommended those evil people must destroyed. He went as far to offer riches to the King and his royal treasury.
The Holy Spirit showed me that George Soros is a modern day Haman. He has plotted against America because he hates our Christian values. He hates the church. For years Soros has offered wealth to government officials in America seducing them with the hope for more power. Then he has used demonic forces and witchcraft to put them in the most evil acts. Soros and his minions have proof of those acts just in case they decide to turn to the cross. All Soros has had to do is convince American officials that if they would only slowly take away Christian rights their power and wealth would be secure. Also that if the church stayed in control the politicians would be exposed. Clintons, Bush, Obama and Alabama’s own Doug Jones are all paid by Soros. An unlikely man is called and somehow has defeated the odds, Donald J. Trump.
Just where was Haman getting this money he planned on paying the King’s men who carried out this extermination of Jews? From the Jews very own treasures in their homes! Not only is Soros a Jew but he was also a Nazi collaborator. He profited from the murder of God’s people. Haman believed he would profit from the murder of God’s people.
The King listened to Haman and said keep the money for yourself but do as you like with the Jews. Kind of an interesting twist to me. Sure he was a King that was wealthy, but he didn’t want his men or his royal treasury to profit.
Upon finding out of new decree to kill all Jewish men, women and children Mordecai went out to the city and was overcome with grief. He literally whaled, ripped his clothing and put on sackcloth and ashes. Confusion hit the Jews is Susa. Here is the difference I see with Mordecai and the church. First, he had done no wrong and rather than having to find out a secret plot was against all of the Jews the Lord allowed a public in your face this is what they will do to you decree to go out. Also, he publicly cried out to God.
The church has taken a back seat. We’ve acted like politics and freedom of choice take priority to God’s commandments. Jesus still died for us all and we are still His Church, His Bride. Therefore He is providing revelation to His remnant. His remnant has the responsibility of passing this revelation to other Christians. His mysterious plans are actually in the Bible if we look and pray for it. Who’s listening though? The church is silent for the most part. We shy away from talking about voting God’s law. We don’t want to offend anyone. However, we already know God’s law offends our flesh and we thank Him for that. Still, how many Christians support abortion because of free will? Do we want to compromise b/c we think circumstances can make sin ok? A Queen Vashti and Jezebel spirit of radical feministic ways have went to an extreme in America. Then there is the pro life pastor still stuck in religion. Whoa to you Pastor who preaches pro life and condemns the post abortive woman. Repent. Whoa to you brother or sister in Christ who proclaims the Gospel but supports the organization BLM. Repent. I’m going into some detail about the BLM organization not because I am pro KKK. I condemn KKK. Plus, the KKK is alive, reorganized and disguised in the Democratic party. I can write another lesson on that. For now, BLM is gathering millions of dollars and support from Globalist but even worse PASTORS. One co-founder Patrisse Cullors has openly had an art exhibit called Prayer to the iyami. Iyami is a term of respect and endearment used to describe a woman of African ancestry who is considered to be an Aje, a woman who wields myriad arcane creative biological, spiritual, and cosmic powers. Sounds like witchcraft to me and she’s just one of the 3 who are evil. The lie of the enemy is using identity politics to deceive the nations. White supremacy has no place in the Kingdom of God nor does BLM. Christian leaders stop using hashtags with say her/his name etc. That is an ancient African witchcraft of chanting names now modernized online used to invoke demon spirits. Geez let’s wake up to our own fault that has brought in the accuser stronger than ever.
Now, Mordecai gets word to Queen Esther. He tells her to beg for mercy on herself and her people to the King. He wanted her to expose herself and who she really was. It wasn’t that easy. Written governing law stated the Queen could only approach the King when he called for her. Unless the King handed her the scepter when she approaches him in the inner court she will be killed. Wow Esther is in a pickle of all pickles. She can let the truth be known and beg for mercy but it may not be accepted and so her life would be taken. Why would she want to leave this glamorous life of riches and comfort? In her mind it may work itself out without her having to step out of that comfort zone God Almighty gave her. Besides, she’s the queen, right? Does anyone see this clear picture God gave the church and how it pertains to America even today in 2020? I know I’m not the only one. The church is comfy, we think praying to God and not walking in faith that He will defend us is ok. We think we can sit back and wait for the trumpet. No man knows the hour of His return but I am convinced He will not come back for a weakling bride.
Mordacai responds to Esther in 4:13-14 …Don’t think for a moment you will escape there in the palace while all other Jews are killed. If you keep quiet at a time like this deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your father’s house shall be destroyed. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?
The confusion about God’s will for the modern day church is that His will is always pleasing to us. Negative, our lack of devotion brings the will of correction. God will allow bad things to happen to a generation because we sat back and didn’t honor and obey Him. He wants to rescue us, but His hand can’t be moved without us praying and acting in faith!
God himself will see America be put under Biden and Christians persecuted if we do not rise up for His name sake. The question is are we willing to suffer and let our children suffer because we didn’t take a stand? Will the next generation call upon Him after death and destruction covers this world?
It appears the church is NOT willing to sacrifice it’s comfort for our God!
We must cry out, we trust you Lord, your ways are Holy and we repent! Come Holy Spirit and angels of the Lord and bring His righteous judgment to our accusers and keep us safe! Lord let those lost be saved and turn to you for peace and joy they’ve never known. Lord come save America because you love her and for your name sake! Remember our President please Father. For he may not have been a righteous man but He has carried out your will for Jerusalem and other laws that protect the rights of Christians in pulpits, changed racist systematic sentencing for first offenders, protected lives of infants after a botched abortion and many more! Lord I believe He will be a saved man SOON and He will shout the name of Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth from the White House. Not by his power or might but by YOUR HOLY SPIRIT FATHER. You are not second to man but you choose to use us for your glory!
Ending this lesson we can see that Esther makes a bold faith filled decision for God’s people. She asked the people of God to pray and fast. Then EVEN THOUGH IT WAS AGAINST MAN’S LAW she decided to indeed approach the King, die or not!!!

Without fear in Him,
Jennifer Netherton

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