Wow, I’m not making friends with these post. Ehhh… Roman 8:18 – For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.

I get it, or at least I once did. Before I lived for Jesus Christ I enjoyed Halloween. At school it was all the candy and doing something different. My “fun” teachers in playful outfits made me giggle. It changed the monotonous day. At home, I was never allowed to go trick or treating. We did not celebrate Halloween, I thank God and my a parents for that. The first time I did go was when I was in middle school and I somehow tricked my family into thinking it was a cheerleader thing.
I got older and I loved going out for Halloween. The drinks, lust and just plain old sin. Yep my flesh sure loved it. Maybe some of you didn’t participate in all the drinks and lust. Maybe it was just some time with your buds and a few drinks. Either way if you were participating in the celebration of Halloween you were wrong like I was.

Now I’m older and notice trunk or treat celebrations at churches. That makes me boil with fury. Not at people, that’s where some folks get me wrong. I hate the enemy and hate how his lies have deceived the church. Scripture says, Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Reprove means admonish, condemn, disapprove. I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about how Halloween came about. Since the church has tried to sprinkle a man made grace over celebrating Halloween, it appears obvious that THE CHURCH has no clue witchcraft is still being practiced and used against God’s people. Why in the world would we think that ancient evils have disappeared when Satan never changes.
Witches and warlocks are still casting spells and yet the Church is dressing their kids up as Harry Potter and black magic witches.
There is no righteousness in trying to Christianize a pagan holiday.
Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world….
But what’s wrong with Harry Potter? It’s just a kid friendly stepping stone to the occult. Allow me to tell you about my trip to the bookstore recently.
I was driving to Georgia to go visit my horse in training and I had drank about 2 bottles of water already that morning. I didn’t want to stop at a gas station and most places had the sign telling me I had to wear a mask. Guess where I ended up, Books A Million. How in the world did I end up there? Well, I stepped out of our dually truck and took my spurs off. Already I had folks staring at me, even in GA. As I made it into the store a book with lots of beautiful herbs caught my attention but I felt grieved in my spirit. I picked up the book to see it was about modern witch spells. I immediately rebuked it in the name of Jesus. To my surprise, I was in the center of the store, in the main walkway, surrounded by demonic spell books. Just to my right there was Harry Potter and numerous kiddy spell books. Why did I end up in a book store this day, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth was giving me a word and warning.
The Word – The Spirit of Religion has left the church starved. The suppression from demonic religious spirits and the spirit of Jezebel has watered down the anointing, supernatural power and strength every believer is called to walk in. Therefore, where there is lack Satan comes to fill My space with his counterfeit spirit of darkness. My children are filling themselves with witchcraft and black magic, even in the slightest way, thinking it’s innocent. All the while their children are being deceived and they wonder why the enemy attacks keep coming even to those who have accepted me as their own. I will open their eyes and the enemy will pay in this generation for I love my children.
John 14:12 – Truly I tell you whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater than these, because I am going to the Father. WOW! Let me just be clear – we are to be living a spirit filled life that at the calling of the Holy Spirit and through the power of Jesus we will participate in – raising the dead back to life, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, causing the deaf to hear again, healing Alzheimer’s disease, cast demons out of people and the list goes on!! We must stop starving our spirit man! Claim your territory back from the enemy and be filled with the Holy Spirit seeking to know what gifts and anointing we are to operate in! (Depending on how deep some of you may be in the occult… repentance, fasting & deep prayer may be in order)

The warning, witches were coming against me. I’ve had nightmares that are clear the enemy has launched warfare against me. The holy spirit is urging me not to go into detail of the dreams. I can say that I MUST always pray the armor of God over me before I go to sleep. These dreams aren’t new. Each time the Lord has moved me to a new level, I’ve had them. The dreams and attacks never end well God’s enemies trying to get to me. Jesus always sends his angels to carry out his will and defend me!

So, why is Halloween a lie? Even the cutest outfits are dabbling in the occult. Mask, oh the mask. Occult worship includes mask and has a meaning. Halloween has been Americanized to seem like “just a bunch of hocus pocus”. Yes I watched the movie back before I consecrated myself to the Lord. It’s one thing to be a Christian, its another thing to have Faith in the Lord and consecrate your life to him. We all make mistakes and we’ve all been blind to one sin or another before. Again, I love people I hate the devil and his deception. Let’s take territory back in our lives, our families lives and our pulpits. Lock up the church, turn the front porch light off and pray during trick or treat hours. Your kids may throw a fit, but God will honor you. Leaders, stop being fearful of man and LEAD.
Remember a Remnant is rising and a new wineskin is forming.
Hi my name is them Jennifer Netherton, a remnant warrior working on being more humble. However, I will not shy from His truth.
Your family may think you’re crazy, your friends will drop like flies or say you’re being a legalist, you will feel alone if you live in rural areas. Take hope and know this will pass. The Lord will justify us, He will bring hungry souls to you to be-friend and lead to Jesus. He will use you to call in His angels and Holy Spirit to awaken suppressed souls, towns, states and nations! I know this to be true. In an open vision from God I saw my living room ceiling on fire but not burning. It was the all consuming fire of God. Get ready, He is building arks in homes. The church house isn’t the only place He desires to see lives changed. As a remnant woman I declare my house will be a house of prayer and worship for those lost and those saved needing fresh fire from our Father.

Not ashamed,


  1. Thank you for that encouragement! I sometimes wonder if I am over reacting when it comes to Halloween when I must argue my stance on why I don’t agree with what Halloween stands for. This makes my stance against Halloween all that much more stronger. My son told me the other day that Halloween was his favorite holiday, so I challenged him by asking him what made it his favorite holiday. For him he likes to dress up and be a different person, that in itself poses the question, why do you feel that you must be someone different? Why can’t you love being who God made you to be? I also posed this challenge to him as well, why not dress up and Martin Luther or John Calvin or any of the other reformers? Our church celebrates Reformation Day. I feel that is a good reminder for us to remember why we believe what we believe. I feel that it is no coincidence that Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis on October 31. Just my thoughts. Again, thank you for sharing!


  2. Mikel says:

    Thank you for posting this insightful information.

    The Holy Spirit lead me to share this song with you for encouragement! ☺


    1. Thanks so much for our insightful post. It is important as believers to stand up for what is right. I am thankful that I was given the link to your post by Mikel at SOH. I had just wrote a blog today titled Halloween is Wrong. It is time the blinders come off of the Lord’s church. Thanks again and God bless.

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      1. Thank you, this path and sacrifice can seem lonely so thank you standing in agreement before the Father with me!

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      2. You are so welcome! God bless you as you keep posting the truth!


    2. Thank you so much! The song was TRUTH!

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      1. Mikel says:

        You’re welcome! God (Yahweh) is good all the time. As I wrote recently God is raising up a new bolder army for God, (Yahweh) and Yahweh, is connecting His Souljaz of Hope online and on the streets,

        I am thankful the Holy Spirit led me to your platform I am looking forward to reading the content you share!

        Yes, the video is truth! and a hard truth for many to swallow within… The road can feel lonely at times but Jesus is always there beside His (children) “Souljaz” (Isaiah 41:10) as we imitate the truest Soulja of Hope which is Jesus Christ!


  3. I am going to add this blog to my list of other sources for readers to see in my blog titled, ‘Halloween is Wrong’. I will add your name as well as the link to this blog.


    1. Thank you! Yes the more we stand together the more truth we can spread in unity. I will have to figure out a few things on sharing others post on my page.

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      1. That’s cool. I look forward to interacting with you over future blogs. Stay strong. You are doing a great job. God bless. Jesus is Lord! Habe a good evening.
        My name is Donna btw. Nice to meet.you.:)


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