A few weeks ago I was telling my mom how I feel led to minister to others about how we should all be on fire for the Lord. She has the burden of listening to me every morning dissect the meaning of my really intense dreams. Then I go on to talk about all the messages the Holy Spirit has deposited inside me and how I’m more alive during this chaos than ever but that honestly, I often feel lonely. More times than not, I offend people. Days go by that my brain thinks my excitement and passion for the righteousness of God must be too much. Literally there is nothing in this world I rather do than 1. Worship the Lord 2. Share what He has put in my spirit 3. Ask someone, a spiritual father, what they think or see. When I’m feeling misunderstood and all alone Jesus reaches down, sits me up and says through the Holy Spirit… I will listen. Praise me and you will never be alone. Ask me and you will know. I will put anointed people in your path to help you grow and grow my Kingdom, but first you must depend on me 100%. That’s what keeps me going, those moments of extreme broken heartedness and joy. When my flesh and emotions collide with His grace, mercy and energizing power! Oh how He loves!
My mom told me one morning that the Holy Spirit spoke to her the word sacrifice. Naturally I had a million questions but she stayed strong in my prodding and said, I was just given the word sacrifice but not in a negative way about you Jennifer. So here I am weeks later understanding it after I went through self degradation, which proved to be harmful and a sin.
Everything I ever blog about or post about boils down to how Christians must sacrifice. The calling on my life requires sacrifice. When wondering if I’m just over the top Paul’s words speak to me…
Galatians 4:18 But it is good to be zealous in a good thing always, and not only when I am present with you.
When I offend others
Luke 21:17-19 You will be hated by all men for My name’s sake, but not a hair on your head shall perish. In your endurance you will gain your souls.
The 2 above scriptures are just a couple I go to when I KNOW the things that have offended others came not from me but from the Father.
I choose God over man.
Truth is this entire life we live on Earth is a sacrifice. We live in a world that screams… INDIVIDUALISM, ME FIRST, DONT OFFEND ME! We have churches operating in hyper grace screaming THE GOSPEL IS FEEL GOOD ONLY, JESUS COMPROMISES BECAUSE HE LOVES, ALL PEACE NO WAR , HE DIED SO YOU CAN SIT BACK.
Obviously to walk out the true calling of Jesus goes against everything listed above. He calls us to love Him (which includes His truth, laws and ways) more than our family and friends. (Luke 12:51-53) He calls us to be meek and we will inherit the Earth plus in Matthew 5:1-12 He list other b- attitudes. Then we see throughout the Bible that Jesus is the lamb and the Lion as well. Remember Jesus is coming back for His church and to DESTROY the lost, the Devil and his demonic kingdom.
As Americans, we are so blessed. We really don’t know about sacrifice like other nations. We can spend hours watching football but can’t worship more than 1 hour at church. We get mad if repentance is preached but we take offense to anyone not apologizing to us. Where in the world did this idea that we can sit as petrified rocks on pews and not ever get uncomfortable in the world trying to spread the gospel? Why do we think that TV shows filled with bad language, lust and murder is ok? Why is it that we dress our kids up as witches, mummies or gypsies not ever feeling guilty that witches serve dark forces, gypsies are of the occult and mummies are just some form of demonic dead coming to life. The answer is simple, we have never had to sacrifice in this great nation so we refuse to sacrifice for our God. We compromise corporate worship all year for travel sports on Sundays, we compromise the life of infants for our personal deception of Kingdom values.
I ask you all to join me in evaluating our lives and if our desires are for the pleasures of this world or of Him. Judgment over the church and ALL those in the way of the last great revival is coming SOON. Don’t be caught “fixin” to get right with the Lord.
Consider this…
When Jesus was in the garden, what if He asked the Father to take this cup from Him not because He feared death or the sin that He would have to bare in shame for us.
What if HE LOVED spending every day with the disciples and visiting with all His children He created in the womb? Sin and all, He loved healing and showing us the love of the Father so much He never wanted to be away from us.
He had a throne, but would have stayed a homeless traveler to be with us.
He had a crown, but took it off and didn’t want to go back.
He could have called 10 thousand angels to save Him but He wanted to save us!

When the Father explained He could never have us in eternity unless He paid the ultimate price of giving up His life, showing the true heart of the Father, defeating death and rising again Jesus accepted the call. He accepted the sin of all mankind in faith that He could have more of us forever in Heaven. That melts my heart friends, that makes me want to do nothing but live for Him. He is preparing a place for me and you. I’m sure I will see it but only after a century or two face down at His feet crying and worshipping Abba Father!
Until I get that honor, until I’m made whole, I choose to sacrifice in this life for His name and His glory.
Luke 9:62 No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.

Looking forward,
Jenn Netherton


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