Watchmen warning for church leaders

First, let me be clear… what is unfolding in America goes beyond 2 men of political power. What is happening is orchestrated by God Almighty as an answer to HIS WILL and the REMNANT who has diligently sought HIM. This message from the Holy Spirit also does not dissect every plan of God or give you the entire story. It is mostly a warning, not a prophesy. This message is not from me, oh Lord let them see you and not me. For I dread their accusations and dissection of this message from you. However, I fear you more. So be it.

Be of good cheer remnant for the strongholds of lies and corruption have been judged in the courts of Heaven and God Almighty will judge in the American courts.

If you are blind, still looking at the shortcomings and sin of a man, Donald J Trump, it is your pride that fills the air with stench demons dwell in. Not the pride of the man in office you hate, but your own. Repent men and women of God who are in positions of power for thus sayeth the Lord, I will hold you in contempt of my Holy Court! Turn back to me so I may reveal truth and love you to victory!

Be careful who or what you worship in My house. Tread not in the worship of a political decision I have not rendered. Be careful not to worship a political party that is killing my children, allowing abominations of every kind to be openly celebrated all while you sit back in the demonic twisting of free will. You were meant to lead this country I created as a safe haven for you to worship me. Now that you have failed, forgotten me and loved yourself, I have lifted out of the ashes a new generation of leaders in the church who will not know your shame. They hold tight to my promises and my word. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT THE WORLD HATED ME AND SO IT SHOULD HATE YOU IF INFACT YOU WERE IN ME AND I IN YOU? WHILE THE WORLD CELEBRATES SOMETHING THEY DO NOT YET UNDERSTAND, YOU WERE TO HAVE KNOWN BETTER! IF YOU ARE STANDING ALONG SIDE POP CULTURE AND THOSE WHO CONDEMN MY NAME YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN OVER TO YOUR OWN LUST. REPENT! REPENT BECAUSE I LOVED YOU FIRST!

Be careful what you mourn in the pulpits and alters tomorrow pastors and church leaders. Did you really think a harmonious revival would appear in your desolate churches that closed their doors to the lost and My will long before the diseases you fear more than me came around? How weak and self serving have you become? REPENT! Seek me and see my plans are perfect. I am the one who is uprooting ancient evils in the heavens for MY names sake and FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN WHICH YOU WOULD HAVE RUN AND HIDE IN TIMES OF CRISIS AND NOT MARCH FORTH IN MY VICTORY. REPENT FOR I STILL LOVE YOU BUT MY FATHERS TRUTH WILL SHOW NO PARTIALITY.


  1. Hi Jenn, thanks for bringing the message today for all of God’s people to repent. Keep speaking what the Lord lays on your heart.
    Acts 5;29
    But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.
    He will lift you up. He will strengthen you. God bless you!
    Your sister in Christ Jesus


  2. Mikel says:

    Thank you for being brave enough to publish this message from God.

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