Can you feel it? A heaviness weighing you down physically and emotionally? I can. It’s the fight of good and evil. The religious spirit and the church collide. It’s a fight for our nation and the world. This is the fight of our lives! This though is the fight where no man will get the glory. This battle will be so miraculous, full of justice and mercy that only the Lord our God can be exalted!

Scriptures to read and focus on Ephesians Chapters 5 & 6, Acts 2 and Jude

Many of you are laughing at me for calling this the fight of our lives because maybe you’ve beat cancer, lost loved ones and walked uphill to school both ways and still survived. I applaud you!!
This fight is different though. When the God of the universe is set to reveal darkness that has been hidden for centuries, the demons cry out and they fight. Literally every person I see cry on tv that supports the demonic radical liberal agenda I believe is a demon crying out from the inside because they know time is limited. Oh yeah they fight for sure, Antifa and BLM political group riots provoking assaults prove that. Right now Christians, the Remnant rather since the word Christian is so flippantly used, are praying for angelic host to be released. We have been praying for the blood of Jesus to cover the blood of the innocent babies who have been aborted and for Jesus to forgive us as a nation. We have been praying EXPOSE DISMANTLE AND REVEAL YOUR TRUTH! Incase you didn’t know, a demonic system all over the WORLD, yes all over the WORLD, interfered with our election. And some of you thought your fav politicians were regular Joe’s from lower middle class America. Negative, they were born and bred for this end time season. They want world power, world domination, a NEW WORLD ORDER.
The blood and power of Jesus is standing in the gap.
The prayers of the saints are standing in the gap.
Angelic host are standing in the gap.
Men and women anointed of God are standing in positions of power in the gap to protect our country.

Physically I feel this crippling weight on my shoulders. I’ve caught myself slumping over a lot recently as well. The other night while laying in the bed it was like I was helpless, kind of like my spirit had ran out of gas. It’s great for someone to give me scripture or encourage me during times like those but nothing works like talking to the Father.
I didn’t really talk though, I cried.
It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep, but couldn’t get up either. My joy felt paralyzed in a defeatist spirit. The accuser of the brethren made me feel I had not prayed enough, worshipped enough therefore surely I wouldn’t finish the race well. I know better, but this isn’t a run of mill attack I’ve been under.

Like every other red blooded American my cell phone was close by. I reached for it and turned on the latest message from Kent Christmas. Man oh man….the Lord knew what I needed. I began to cry as I laid in bed and explained everything I was feeling to the Lord. Sure He already knew but I needed to tell Him. Then I cried for help asking the Holy Spirit to please give me strength to not fall into this satanic trap set to shut me up.
I declared the victory, I spoke things into the atmosphere that work together for the goodness of God. I reminded the devil of how he thought he won, but oh that 3rd day!! My spirit was renewed!
I felt loved. I felt lighter. I slept.
Now, there have been many battles in my life where I would pray but my breakthrough took time. Why? Because I needed to be molded by the potter. Just think all the lessons and grace we’ve received in the waiting. It was never Him delaying, it was us not wanting to bend our flesh and pride.
While this world appears to be going straight to hell, don’t fall for it. That’s just what Satan wants. He wants to muzzle you, steal your joy and ultimately shut you up. Your victory is in your praise. When you feel like I did start to just whisper the name of Jesus. Is there a sweeter name? No.
Let that whisper grow into a shout!!! Let that shout stir a new fire inside to where you must stand and wave your hands. Then let the Holy Spirit fill your cup like you never imagined and start marching wherever you are declaring victory. Start stomping, dancing and praising the Lamb of God like He deserves. If you don’t have a shouting and dancing praise in you, tell the devil he has no legal right to steal it from you anymore and you are taking it back in the name of Jesus. Think about when He first saved you, when He answered prayers, when He poured love and favor on your life. If you still can’t feel it just ask God to bring help and He will send the angels to fight off the evil powers that are trying to hold you down. Rise up oh child of God, you have been condemned to VICTORY! You are a child of the most high and He will fight off your enemies. Pray!Praise!Repeat!

Oh Lord Jesus, I come to you with Thanksgiving and adoration! I know you are powerful and holy! You know I fall for attacks even on some of the best days but I pray for you to fill in the weak spots of my armor and everyone who is reading this fill in their armor too. Lord, I ask you to dismantle the demonic agenda, expose corruption and bring a shaking that unleashes your angel armies to come and defend your great name! Lord heal those who are in poor spirit. Remind them of your love and sacrifice. Jesus teach those who have been lukewarm and played games with salvation the covenants of your Kingdom. Oh Jesus I most of all pray for the Saints of old tonight. The elderly who have been in hopeless situations before but feel too feeble and tired now. Those spiritual fathers and mothers who just don’t see a generation strong enough and so they feel weakened. Oh Lord, let them know that the Lord of Host says their assignment is not yet done. Rise up and have hope. Fear not of a man made virus because the hand of the miraculous healer will destroy it! Restore unto them their youth, yes youth Lord. I pray ailments are healed in the name of Jesus! Release signs and wonders of God! We need the wisdom of the elders but wake them up! Jesus you know this is not business as usual! We need to be equipped to fight in the spirit realm and withstand the dark forces while sharing the gospel like never before! Get our pastors away from the sprinkling of milk and give us meat! Send tongues of fire to every denomination Holy Spirit! Let the supernatural gifts abound so we may be a bride that does not shrink back but marches forward to battle for our God! Send me Lord! Send me Lord! I thank you for yet another time to pray to you Jesus and in your name I ask these things and praise you that it shall be done!

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  1. Amen and amen. In Jesus name amen.
    God bless you in your ministry as the Lord continues to use you mightily. May nothing conquer you as you continue shouting out His great truth. May hope arise and our enemies be scattered. I pray that goodness and mercy follow us believers. God help us make a difference for Your kingdom. May we stay united and fight the good fight. I lift my sister Jennifer’s arms up spiritually to You, Father. Continue to mold and make her into the child of Yours that You need her to be for such a time as this. May joy and peace be her strength. May she walk so close to Your side that she knows beyond a doubt that You are leading and guiding her because she can feel Your sweet Spirit. Anoint her head with Your oil. Let her cup runneth over. Take her to new heights of glory. Continue to minister in and through her for Your great purposes. May Your name be glorified in her life and through her blogs. Thank You Lord in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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