Can you feel it? A heaviness weighing you down physically and emotionally? I can. It’s the fight of good and evil. The religious spirit and the church collide. It’s a fight for our nation and the world. This is the fight of our lives! This though is the fight where no man will get the glory. This battle will be so miraculous, full of justice and mercy that only the Lord our God can be exalted!

Scriptures to read and focus on Ephesians Chapters 5 & 6, Acts 2 and Jude

Many of you are laughing at me for calling this the fight of our lives because maybe you’ve beat cancer, lost loved ones and walked uphill to school both ways and still survived. I applaud you!!
This fight is different though. When the God of the universe is set to reveal darkness that has been hidden for centuries, the demons cry out and they fight. Literally every person I see cry on tv that supports the demonic radical liberal agenda I believe is a demon crying out from the inside because they know time is limited. Oh yeah they fight for sure, Antifa and BLM political group riots provoking assaults prove that. Right now Christians, the Remnant rather since the word Christian is so flippantly used, are praying for angelic host to be released. We have been praying for the blood of Jesus to cover the blood of the innocent babies who have been aborted and for Jesus to forgive us as a nation. We have been praying EXPOSE DISMANTLE AND REVEAL YOUR TRUTH! Incase you didn’t know, a demonic system all over the WORLD, yes all over the WORLD, interfered with our election. And some of you thought your fav politicians were regular Joe’s from lower middle class America. Negative, they were born and bred for this end time season. They want world power, world domination, a NEW WORLD ORDER.
The blood and power of Jesus is standing in the gap.
The prayers of the saints are standing in the gap.
Angelic host are standing in the gap.
Men and women anointed of God are standing in positions of power in the gap to protect our country.

Physically I feel this crippling weight on my shoulders. I’ve caught myself slumping over a lot recently as well. The other night while laying in the bed it was like I was helpless, kind of like my spirit had ran out of gas. It’s great for someone to give me scripture or encourage me during times like those but nothing works like talking to the Father.
I didn’t really talk though, I cried.
It was the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep, but couldn’t get up either. My joy felt paralyzed in a defeatist spirit. The accuser of the brethren made me feel I had not prayed enough, worshipped enough therefore surely I wouldn’t finish the race well. I know better, but this isn’t a run of mill attack I’ve been under.

Like every other red blooded American my cell phone was close by. I reached for it and turned on the latest message from Kent Christmas. Man oh man….the Lord knew what I needed. I began to cry as I laid in bed and explained everything I was feeling to the Lord. Sure He already knew but I needed to tell Him. Then I cried for help asking the Holy Spirit to please give me strength to not fall into this satanic trap set to shut me up.
I declared the victory, I spoke things into the atmosphere that work together for the goodness of God. I reminded the devil of how he thought he won, but oh that 3rd day!! My spirit was renewed!
I felt loved. I felt lighter. I slept.
Now, there have been many battles in my life where I would pray but my breakthrough took time. Why? Because I needed to be molded by the potter. Just think all the lessons and grace we’ve received in the waiting. It was never Him delaying, it was us not wanting to bend our flesh and pride.
While this world appears to be going straight to hell, don’t fall for it. That’s just what Satan wants. He wants to muzzle you, steal your joy and ultimately shut you up. Your victory is in your praise. When you feel like I did start to just whisper the name of Jesus. Is there a sweeter name? No.
Let that whisper grow into a shout!!! Let that shout stir a new fire inside to where you must stand and wave your hands. Then let the Holy Spirit fill your cup like you never imagined and start marching wherever you are declaring victory. Start stomping, dancing and praising the Lamb of God like He deserves. If you don’t have a shouting and dancing praise in you, tell the devil he has no legal right to steal it from you anymore and you are taking it back in the name of Jesus. Think about when He first saved you, when He answered prayers, when He poured love and favor on your life. If you still can’t feel it just ask God to bring help and He will send the angels to fight off the evil powers that are trying to hold you down. Rise up oh child of God, you have been condemned to VICTORY! You are a child of the most high and He will fight off your enemies. Pray!Praise!Repeat!

Oh Lord Jesus, I come to you with Thanksgiving and adoration! I know you are powerful and holy! You know I fall for attacks even on some of the best days but I pray for you to fill in the weak spots of my armor and everyone who is reading this fill in their armor too. Lord, I ask you to dismantle the demonic agenda, expose corruption and bring a shaking that unleashes your angel armies to come and defend your great name! Lord heal those who are in poor spirit. Remind them of your love and sacrifice. Jesus teach those who have been lukewarm and played games with salvation the covenants of your Kingdom. Oh Jesus I most of all pray for the Saints of old tonight. The elderly who have been in hopeless situations before but feel too feeble and tired now. Those spiritual fathers and mothers who just don’t see a generation strong enough and so they feel weakened. Oh Lord, let them know that the Lord of Host says their assignment is not yet done. Rise up and have hope. Fear not of a man made virus because the hand of the miraculous healer will destroy it! Restore unto them their youth, yes youth Lord. I pray ailments are healed in the name of Jesus! Release signs and wonders of God! We need the wisdom of the elders but wake them up! Jesus you know this is not business as usual! We need to be equipped to fight in the spirit realm and withstand the dark forces while sharing the gospel like never before! Get our pastors away from the sprinkling of milk and give us meat! Send tongues of fire to every denomination Holy Spirit! Let the supernatural gifts abound so we may be a bride that does not shrink back but marches forward to battle for our God! Send me Lord! Send me Lord! I thank you for yet another time to pray to you Jesus and in your name I ask these things and praise you that it shall be done!


Today I received a text from a colleague and friend. I will never forget this day. Let me take you back, so I can explain why.
I accepted Jesus when I was 18 about to turn 19. I really didn’t know what to do next so as the days kept rolling on, my old ways came back. Then I had the worst backslide and lived a life full of what parents fear. It was hidden behind a young woman making legit money at only 20. So it appeared I had it together…WRONG
Later on I calmed down but I didn’t have squat. Then farther along I re-dedicated my life to Jesus. It was like I was starting all over again as a new Christian. Even as I grew in my walk I was always grieved when people would talk about being a Proverbs 31 woman. I would listen to women talk about how they were saved when they were kids. They would praise the Lord, and rightfully so, that they never held the hand of the world and tasted the evil in the world. I remember crying to the Lord many times and thinking oh Lord if only I could have been like them. If only Jesus I could be a Proverbs 31 woman but Jesus I was vile. If only, I could have met my husband earlier, if only I hadn’t said this or that or allowed such a rebellious spirit inside. Oh Lord I could have been more of a light, I could not have such a horrible reputation and be able to honor you more, Lord I could be a better wife and daughter if I hadn’t messed it all up. Then I would thank the Lord for saving someone like me and ask forgiveness for still thinking of my past when I knew He wasn’t. (seems silly? hey the enemy knows where our armor is weak)
A few years have passed and since the “FAD” of having clothing, bibles and probably even your dog’s collar embroidered with “Proverbs 31 Woman” I had suppressed all those tears and self hate.
I may have tried to block those thoughts, but maybe self doubt was still lingering. Especially since I prayed earlier today…. Lord, I know you spoke to me about the warning to pastors. God I know it was you and not me and I pray you get the devil off my back and I curse this seed of doubt he is trying to plant in me. Reveal in me anything that offends you of Lord.
Later on I was going about my normal day and received a text. The end said, “You rock Prov. 31 like a boss”.
Time stopped. Literally it stopped. I text back and then ran in the bathroom trying not to cry.


Never did I dream that anyone would refer to me as a Prov. 31 woman, but there it was in my face and the God of the universe was singing songs over me (Zephaniah 3:17).
God almighty calls me chosen! (John 15:16) While yes, life would have been different and praise God for those who were saved when they were a little kid, BUT they have not been chosen to walk in the assignment bestowed upon me from Almighty God. Nor do I have their same assignment. He makes beauty from ashes! Think about how His word says we are cleansed from our sin. (1 John 1:9) I fully believe He can forget our sin and still use our experiences to help us reach others while never thinking of our past transgressions. How He does it is something my lil brain can’t imagine and honestly I don’t have to. I can accept that as fact and be in peace.
So I’m done explaining when I need to be praising…

Praise you oh Father, for who could make me white as snow as you! What other God would say I can use you and send you to the most wicked places of the earth for you to pour out My healing and forgiveness! None Father, there is only YOU! I am not my own and thank you for accepting me, for choosing me to serve you! Yes Lord thank you for the spiritual gifts and calling you have placed on my life. I will not apologize for being a WOMAN with a calling! I will no longer feel I have to show shame for my past. Never again Lord because what the enemy meant for evil… YOU USE IT FOR GOOD! You have the turnaround! Praise you Jesus, I cry ABBA FATHER!

I will echo on here the song I have been singing for months (vid above) and that I also heard this morning after watching the replay from Regeneration Nashville.


Scripture about where I feel we are at in our current situation in America, stay in the word, truth is on the way!
1 Peter 1:7 These trials are only to test your faith, to show that it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire test and purifies gold – and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold. So if your faith remains strong after being tried by fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs with no fear of the future.

A wife of noble character,
Jennifer Netherton

Watchmen warning for church leaders

First, let me be clear… what is unfolding in America goes beyond 2 men of political power. What is happening is orchestrated by God Almighty as an answer to HIS WILL and the REMNANT who has diligently sought HIM. This message from the Holy Spirit also does not dissect every plan of God or give you the entire story. It is mostly a warning, not a prophesy. This message is not from me, oh Lord let them see you and not me. For I dread their accusations and dissection of this message from you. However, I fear you more. So be it.

Be of good cheer remnant for the strongholds of lies and corruption have been judged in the courts of Heaven and God Almighty will judge in the American courts.

If you are blind, still looking at the shortcomings and sin of a man, Donald J Trump, it is your pride that fills the air with stench demons dwell in. Not the pride of the man in office you hate, but your own. Repent men and women of God who are in positions of power for thus sayeth the Lord, I will hold you in contempt of my Holy Court! Turn back to me so I may reveal truth and love you to victory!

Be careful who or what you worship in My house. Tread not in the worship of a political decision I have not rendered. Be careful not to worship a political party that is killing my children, allowing abominations of every kind to be openly celebrated all while you sit back in the demonic twisting of free will. You were meant to lead this country I created as a safe haven for you to worship me. Now that you have failed, forgotten me and loved yourself, I have lifted out of the ashes a new generation of leaders in the church who will not know your shame. They hold tight to my promises and my word. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT THE WORLD HATED ME AND SO IT SHOULD HATE YOU IF INFACT YOU WERE IN ME AND I IN YOU? WHILE THE WORLD CELEBRATES SOMETHING THEY DO NOT YET UNDERSTAND, YOU WERE TO HAVE KNOWN BETTER! IF YOU ARE STANDING ALONG SIDE POP CULTURE AND THOSE WHO CONDEMN MY NAME YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN OVER TO YOUR OWN LUST. REPENT! REPENT BECAUSE I LOVED YOU FIRST!

Be careful what you mourn in the pulpits and alters tomorrow pastors and church leaders. Did you really think a harmonious revival would appear in your desolate churches that closed their doors to the lost and My will long before the diseases you fear more than me came around? How weak and self serving have you become? REPENT! Seek me and see my plans are perfect. I am the one who is uprooting ancient evils in the heavens for MY names sake and FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN WHICH YOU WOULD HAVE RUN AND HIDE IN TIMES OF CRISIS AND NOT MARCH FORTH IN MY VICTORY. REPENT FOR I STILL LOVE YOU BUT MY FATHERS TRUTH WILL SHOW NO PARTIALITY.

11.1.2020 Prayer

Heavenly Father, who’s name is greater than You? Not one. You are mightier than the raging sea but have the love to hold it back from destroying us all.
How is it that we have become so spoiled we can not see your mighty hand at work every day! Lord the enemy has manipulated us to moving away from you and your righteous ways. Please forgive me and these United States for the perversion we have allowed in the government. This is a nation under God, Jehovah, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! You are the Lord of Host, the Alpha and the Omega, who was, who is , and who is to come! You are the Good Shepherd, the Lamb, Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Rapha! I ask you turn your eye to evil that is trying to bring offense to YOUR GREAT NAME. You are Jehovah Nissi, the Lord Our Banner! Darkness is trying to destroy the name of Our Banner and say that you will not hear us, that you are an evil God and therefore when we cry you turn away. They say that you don’t even exist, BUT THE EARTH IS YOURS!!!
Psalm 24:1 The earth is the Lord’s , and everything in it.
Oh Lord they have scoffed at you and us. We, the remnant ask you JUDGE THEM FOR YOUR NAME’S SAKE LORD!
Psalm 137:8 Oh Babylon, you will be destroyed. Happy is the one who pays you back for you will be destroyed!
2 Kings 19:19 Now, Lord our God, deliver us from his hand, so that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that you alone, Lord, are God.
Remove this evil force trying to destroy the nation you created to be a light to all the nations of the world and to stand beside Israel! I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, your son that forgave me of all my transgression! Your son who sent His Holy Spirit to abide in me oh God! I ask in His name. Bring to us again the reviving RUACH OF GOD!
Lord God I decree that the evil operating to deceive and confuse this nation is REMOVED! To hell with the spirit of religion and Jezebel! The lies of the media, to hell. The lust for power, to hell. The lust for children’s blood, to hell! Send the demonic forces back to hell and show your mighty plan that has been hidden in your left hand! HA HA HA! You laugh at the plans of your enemies!
Psalm 37:13 …but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for He knows their day is coming.
For your left hand is hidden from them and it is the plan to remove their strongholds! Glory be to God! Glory to Jesus Christ! You will lift up your own name and the remnant on your right hand!
I decree that you now are identifying who the Angels of Knowledge will be assigned to at the voting booth. Yes Lord you will send the Angels of Knowledge to tap the shoulders of the ones who have planned to vote demonic oppression into the White House by way of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barak Obama, HRC, George W Bush and their entire deep state demonic reset agenda. Lord have mercy for their eyes have been blinded to the plans for communism, pedophilia acceptance, witchcraft, and the lust for power and money that would destroy America.
Lord you have called the evil leaders into the trap. Lord you have waited for this time to show your power. The hearts of voters will be turned, and eyes of voters will be given divine knowledge of the evil the progressive agenda is about. They will vote for your anointed leader who isn’t scared to carry out your decrees, Donald J. Trump. No longer will the witchcraft lies of fake scandals rule the news. No longer will cancel culture create division. YOU WILL REVEAL THE REAL DEMONIC MOLOCH WORSHIP IN THE PROGRESSIVES AND IN THE RHINOS! Let your glory arise! Gates are being closed that should never have been opened!
During As One America I was praying in the spirit and saw a vision that took my breath away! Jesus unlocked the gates of Bethel in Heaven and angels in chariots poured out to take territory back and bring God’s judgment! Thank you Jesus!!! I know Lord God you are coming for those in power and will show unending love to your people and THE LOST SOULS YOU ARE READY TO SAVE! You have heard seen and felt their misery though they never cried to you! The atheist, gossipers, religious, homosexual, prideful, sexual predators, fornicators and demon possessed will be claimed by YOU and the demons will flee as your grace pours out living water! We are not worthy and we praise YOU! Thank you! Sing songs Zion! Make a shout to the God of Miracles! His name be Glorified!
This is a time of war needed to bring in the peace time and last harvest saving of souls for the Kingdom of God!

Unashamed and boldly calling on the LION
Jennifer Netherton

Losing our dignity

Lamentations 3:55,56 But I called your name, Lord, from deep within the well, and you heard me! You listened to my pleading; you heard my weeping. Yes you came at my despairing cry and told me, “Do not fear.”

The day is come for both the sinner and the saint to lose our dignity.
First to the saint, it’s time to lose our dignity that has kept us from complete surrender and shouting His glory as we should. We must open our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to search out anything that offends Him. Then we must repent. We must search the scriptures out and not chase thoughts without the Word of God proving truth. Read & study the Bible!
Proverbs 25:2 NLT It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.
We can not blend with the world, we were never meant to. The demonic perversion of Satan is that Jesus came so we can compromise giving hyper grace to all and never call out sin. Christ came to save the world, not condemn it. (John 3:17) However, He spoke against sin and never once did He say the law was void, rather He fulfilled it for us since we never could. We are called to still thrust forward in our best effort and remove this perverse “license to sin doctrine” being released in the church. How can we help save others if we teach a counterfeit Gospel allowing sin?
Proverbs 26:1 NLT Like snow in summer or rain in harvest, honor is not fitting for a fool.
It’s time to realize all the old testament evil has not gone away. It is here and while years it tried to hide, the church has lost so much zeal that witches, mediums and spiritualist are coming out of the shadows. The church has even accepted its high holy days.
Micah 5:12
I will put and end to all witchcraft and there will be no more fortune tellers to consult.
This Halloween is different. Just before the election during a year of intense spiritual warfare the remnant has been heard! While we shall see much evil in the next month nothing will stop the plans of our God, the only God! The remnant and watchmen have been pouring our hearts out for the call to return to our first love. Being a remnant woman, I am ready for battle. I fear not, come what may I say come. My God is ready for battle therefore with the Holy Spirit inside of me then so am I! I shared Lamentations at the top because, Church He has heard us! Yes! The Lord is separating the sheep from the goats. So, put your armor on Bride! You will fall into fear if you do not renew your mind and spirit in Jesus!
To the lost – you are not who the enemy says you are, unless you want to be. Liar? Murderer? Cheat? Fornicator? Warlock? Trash? Poor? Wealthy and alone? Jesus came for you to have life! If you are drawn to this post and feel like you can actually see how you have sin, but also feel pride bellowing inside CRY TO JESUS. If you have tried all the things of this world and still no answers, it’s because you are chosen to be set apart from this world. This world and it’s ways are not the way of God. My words have been harsh with the church because they have needed a swift kick from the Holy Spirit. It’s a loving kick mind you 🙂 See, we have done a bad job of explaining the infinite love of Jesus and raising up disciples. His love isn’t for the saved only and reserved for suite wearing big nose stinky face giving hypocrites. NO, NEVER! He knows ever hair on your head (Luke 12:7) and has been patiently waiting on the sideline until this very moment where you could lay down your pain and give it to Him, Jesus. If you have never asked Jesus to come into your heart, and you’re still reading it’s because God wants YOU!
Romans 5:8 But God showed His love for us that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
John 7:28 …. I am not here on my own authority but He who sent me is true.

You are someone to Him. The angels even rejoice when the lost accept Jesus. We were all dead in sin before accepting Jesus. Now I have a hope, an unshakable rock that I never doubt! When family or friends do not understand me, HE DOES. He made me! He is my Hightower and He can save you from the despair, sadness, guilt and shame the devil wants you to feel. No one is too far gone, Paul even murdered Christians and God chose Him. Daniel had affairs, after knowing God, then also had his bff murdered. The difference is that the 2 above repented. Are you ready for a new life, one filled with LOVE, HOPE, JOY AND PEACE EVEN WHEN WE HAVE TROUBLES? Yes troubles and the devil still gets after us, BUT I HAVE GOD ALMIGHTY AND SO I AM, AS YOU CAN BE, CONDEMNED TO VICTORY! HA, THATS RIGHT, VICTORY!
Open your heart and ask Jesus…
Jesus Christ, I believe you came to reveal the heart of the Father, the one true God. I believe He sent you to show how much He loves us. You freely chose to die on a cross for my sin. You, being the Son of God, then defeated death and rose from the grave. You have given those who believe in you the Holy Spirit to lead us in Your ways to have faith hope and peace. Please forgive me of my sins Jesus. I accept you as my savior and I rejoice that the shame and endless distress is leaving my mind, heart and soul as you blot out my sins never to bring them back up to me again! Praise Your name Jesus! Thank you for saving me!

Hallelujah! If you prayed that prayer the angels are rejoicing! So what’s next? Seek out a local church that preaches the Bible and get connected! This can not be done alone, and why would you want to? Jesus is going to bring many people who love you into your life. Pray to Him daily and ask Him to show you His character and ways. I recommend a daily devotional to help you learn how to read and apply the scriptures. Please email us (well me) so I can pray for you or help you find a local church!

I love what Mario Murillo said tonight October 31st, 2020…
This Halloween the devil is trembling!

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

Jennifer Netherton


A few weeks ago I was telling my mom how I feel led to minister to others about how we should all be on fire for the Lord. She has the burden of listening to me every morning dissect the meaning of my really intense dreams. Then I go on to talk about all the messages the Holy Spirit has deposited inside me and how I’m more alive during this chaos than ever but that honestly, I often feel lonely. More times than not, I offend people. Days go by that my brain thinks my excitement and passion for the righteousness of God must be too much. Literally there is nothing in this world I rather do than 1. Worship the Lord 2. Share what He has put in my spirit 3. Ask someone, a spiritual father, what they think or see. When I’m feeling misunderstood and all alone Jesus reaches down, sits me up and says through the Holy Spirit… I will listen. Praise me and you will never be alone. Ask me and you will know. I will put anointed people in your path to help you grow and grow my Kingdom, but first you must depend on me 100%. That’s what keeps me going, those moments of extreme broken heartedness and joy. When my flesh and emotions collide with His grace, mercy and energizing power! Oh how He loves!
My mom told me one morning that the Holy Spirit spoke to her the word sacrifice. Naturally I had a million questions but she stayed strong in my prodding and said, I was just given the word sacrifice but not in a negative way about you Jennifer. So here I am weeks later understanding it after I went through self degradation, which proved to be harmful and a sin.
Everything I ever blog about or post about boils down to how Christians must sacrifice. The calling on my life requires sacrifice. When wondering if I’m just over the top Paul’s words speak to me…
Galatians 4:18 But it is good to be zealous in a good thing always, and not only when I am present with you.
When I offend others
Luke 21:17-19 You will be hated by all men for My name’s sake, but not a hair on your head shall perish. In your endurance you will gain your souls.
The 2 above scriptures are just a couple I go to when I KNOW the things that have offended others came not from me but from the Father.
I choose God over man.
Truth is this entire life we live on Earth is a sacrifice. We live in a world that screams… INDIVIDUALISM, ME FIRST, DONT OFFEND ME! We have churches operating in hyper grace screaming THE GOSPEL IS FEEL GOOD ONLY, JESUS COMPROMISES BECAUSE HE LOVES, ALL PEACE NO WAR , HE DIED SO YOU CAN SIT BACK.
Obviously to walk out the true calling of Jesus goes against everything listed above. He calls us to love Him (which includes His truth, laws and ways) more than our family and friends. (Luke 12:51-53) He calls us to be meek and we will inherit the Earth plus in Matthew 5:1-12 He list other b- attitudes. Then we see throughout the Bible that Jesus is the lamb and the Lion as well. Remember Jesus is coming back for His church and to DESTROY the lost, the Devil and his demonic kingdom.
As Americans, we are so blessed. We really don’t know about sacrifice like other nations. We can spend hours watching football but can’t worship more than 1 hour at church. We get mad if repentance is preached but we take offense to anyone not apologizing to us. Where in the world did this idea that we can sit as petrified rocks on pews and not ever get uncomfortable in the world trying to spread the gospel? Why do we think that TV shows filled with bad language, lust and murder is ok? Why is it that we dress our kids up as witches, mummies or gypsies not ever feeling guilty that witches serve dark forces, gypsies are of the occult and mummies are just some form of demonic dead coming to life. The answer is simple, we have never had to sacrifice in this great nation so we refuse to sacrifice for our God. We compromise corporate worship all year for travel sports on Sundays, we compromise the life of infants for our personal deception of Kingdom values.
I ask you all to join me in evaluating our lives and if our desires are for the pleasures of this world or of Him. Judgment over the church and ALL those in the way of the last great revival is coming SOON. Don’t be caught “fixin” to get right with the Lord.
Consider this…
When Jesus was in the garden, what if He asked the Father to take this cup from Him not because He feared death or the sin that He would have to bare in shame for us.
What if HE LOVED spending every day with the disciples and visiting with all His children He created in the womb? Sin and all, He loved healing and showing us the love of the Father so much He never wanted to be away from us.
He had a throne, but would have stayed a homeless traveler to be with us.
He had a crown, but took it off and didn’t want to go back.
He could have called 10 thousand angels to save Him but He wanted to save us!

When the Father explained He could never have us in eternity unless He paid the ultimate price of giving up His life, showing the true heart of the Father, defeating death and rising again Jesus accepted the call. He accepted the sin of all mankind in faith that He could have more of us forever in Heaven. That melts my heart friends, that makes me want to do nothing but live for Him. He is preparing a place for me and you. I’m sure I will see it but only after a century or two face down at His feet crying and worshipping Abba Father!
Until I get that honor, until I’m made whole, I choose to sacrifice in this life for His name and His glory.
Luke 9:62 No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of God.

Looking forward,
Jenn Netherton


Wow, I’m not making friends with these post. Ehhh… Roman 8:18 – For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.

I get it, or at least I once did. Before I lived for Jesus Christ I enjoyed Halloween. At school it was all the candy and doing something different. My “fun” teachers in playful outfits made me giggle. It changed the monotonous day. At home, I was never allowed to go trick or treating. We did not celebrate Halloween, I thank God and my a parents for that. The first time I did go was when I was in middle school and I somehow tricked my family into thinking it was a cheerleader thing.
I got older and I loved going out for Halloween. The drinks, lust and just plain old sin. Yep my flesh sure loved it. Maybe some of you didn’t participate in all the drinks and lust. Maybe it was just some time with your buds and a few drinks. Either way if you were participating in the celebration of Halloween you were wrong like I was.

Now I’m older and notice trunk or treat celebrations at churches. That makes me boil with fury. Not at people, that’s where some folks get me wrong. I hate the enemy and hate how his lies have deceived the church. Scripture says, Ephesians 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. Reprove means admonish, condemn, disapprove. I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about how Halloween came about. Since the church has tried to sprinkle a man made grace over celebrating Halloween, it appears obvious that THE CHURCH has no clue witchcraft is still being practiced and used against God’s people. Why in the world would we think that ancient evils have disappeared when Satan never changes.
Witches and warlocks are still casting spells and yet the Church is dressing their kids up as Harry Potter and black magic witches.
There is no righteousness in trying to Christianize a pagan holiday.
Romans 12:2 – And be not conformed to this world….
But what’s wrong with Harry Potter? It’s just a kid friendly stepping stone to the occult. Allow me to tell you about my trip to the bookstore recently.
I was driving to Georgia to go visit my horse in training and I had drank about 2 bottles of water already that morning. I didn’t want to stop at a gas station and most places had the sign telling me I had to wear a mask. Guess where I ended up, Books A Million. How in the world did I end up there? Well, I stepped out of our dually truck and took my spurs off. Already I had folks staring at me, even in GA. As I made it into the store a book with lots of beautiful herbs caught my attention but I felt grieved in my spirit. I picked up the book to see it was about modern witch spells. I immediately rebuked it in the name of Jesus. To my surprise, I was in the center of the store, in the main walkway, surrounded by demonic spell books. Just to my right there was Harry Potter and numerous kiddy spell books. Why did I end up in a book store this day, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth was giving me a word and warning.
The Word – The Spirit of Religion has left the church starved. The suppression from demonic religious spirits and the spirit of Jezebel has watered down the anointing, supernatural power and strength every believer is called to walk in. Therefore, where there is lack Satan comes to fill My space with his counterfeit spirit of darkness. My children are filling themselves with witchcraft and black magic, even in the slightest way, thinking it’s innocent. All the while their children are being deceived and they wonder why the enemy attacks keep coming even to those who have accepted me as their own. I will open their eyes and the enemy will pay in this generation for I love my children.
John 14:12 – Truly I tell you whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater than these, because I am going to the Father. WOW! Let me just be clear – we are to be living a spirit filled life that at the calling of the Holy Spirit and through the power of Jesus we will participate in – raising the dead back to life, healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, causing the deaf to hear again, healing Alzheimer’s disease, cast demons out of people and the list goes on!! We must stop starving our spirit man! Claim your territory back from the enemy and be filled with the Holy Spirit seeking to know what gifts and anointing we are to operate in! (Depending on how deep some of you may be in the occult… repentance, fasting & deep prayer may be in order)

The warning, witches were coming against me. I’ve had nightmares that are clear the enemy has launched warfare against me. The holy spirit is urging me not to go into detail of the dreams. I can say that I MUST always pray the armor of God over me before I go to sleep. These dreams aren’t new. Each time the Lord has moved me to a new level, I’ve had them. The dreams and attacks never end well God’s enemies trying to get to me. Jesus always sends his angels to carry out his will and defend me!

So, why is Halloween a lie? Even the cutest outfits are dabbling in the occult. Mask, oh the mask. Occult worship includes mask and has a meaning. Halloween has been Americanized to seem like “just a bunch of hocus pocus”. Yes I watched the movie back before I consecrated myself to the Lord. It’s one thing to be a Christian, its another thing to have Faith in the Lord and consecrate your life to him. We all make mistakes and we’ve all been blind to one sin or another before. Again, I love people I hate the devil and his deception. Let’s take territory back in our lives, our families lives and our pulpits. Lock up the church, turn the front porch light off and pray during trick or treat hours. Your kids may throw a fit, but God will honor you. Leaders, stop being fearful of man and LEAD.
Remember a Remnant is rising and a new wineskin is forming.
Hi my name is them Jennifer Netherton, a remnant warrior working on being more humble. However, I will not shy from His truth.
Your family may think you’re crazy, your friends will drop like flies or say you’re being a legalist, you will feel alone if you live in rural areas. Take hope and know this will pass. The Lord will justify us, He will bring hungry souls to you to be-friend and lead to Jesus. He will use you to call in His angels and Holy Spirit to awaken suppressed souls, towns, states and nations! I know this to be true. In an open vision from God I saw my living room ceiling on fire but not burning. It was the all consuming fire of God. Get ready, He is building arks in homes. The church house isn’t the only place He desires to see lives changed. As a remnant woman I declare my house will be a house of prayer and worship for those lost and those saved needing fresh fire from our Father.

Not ashamed,

The book of Esther and America

Originally I planned to post about God’s all encompassing love. Due to the sense of urgency placed in my spirit, that even now shortens my breath, this will be a comparative lesson covering chapters 1-4 of Esther. It’s long and worth the time. This isn’t an echo of an Old Testament lesson. Jesus sent me His Holy Spirit to reveal the book of Esther can be comparable to America today in chapters 1-4:14. However, will God’s people and America have the same outcome as written in chapters 4:15- ch. 10?

Lord I ask that you do not let me insert any ideas or thoughts that are of my own. Everything lovely that you say I am, is cherished in my soul. Nevertheless, it’s your Holy Spirit that changed me and so please only allow that portion of you to be in this message.

In chapter one King Xerxes is in his 3rd year reign with a large empire. He appears to be very generous to all who serve him. King “X” host banquets for everyone who serves under his authority. He’s flashy, showing off his wealth. After months of feast he has one more party to throw. (read the chapter so I can skip some of the details please) Chapter 1:10 On the seventh day of the feast, when King “X” was half drunk… Ok so I will stop there to point out that half drunk is drunk. We may call it a buzz in modern day but the fact is beyond the obvious other reasons, King X is not one of God’s people nor has he converted. (This is where the lost who don’t understand repentance and forgiveness would remind me of King David’s past and MY past to say Christians are all a bunch of hypocrites.)
In his drunken state he calls for his wife Queen Vashti to put on her royal crown so he can show off her beauty to all the men. He wanted to boast.
She wasn’t having it. Queen V refused to come.
First think about the culture back then. Not only did she not obey the KING but also she refused her husband. Why? I think this is a typical example of marriage today. Some men are half drunk, with worldly things, and not loving the wife as explained in Ephesians 5. IF a man loves and cherishes his wife like Jesus loves the church then I believe she would come running with joy at his call because she is treated with such love honor and respect. Then, obedience wouldn’t seem like a subservient thing. It would come natural for a wife, out of love. However King X wanted to show her off in a non respectful way so she defied him. Let me be clear though, how hard would it have been for Queen Vashti to throw on her privileged crown and waltz out there to her husband? Lord I’m preaching to myself right now.
The problem with Queen V’s first act of feminism is she didn’t consider the consequences. Her decision was so repulsive that the men feared all women would get this wave of feminism and defy their husbands. The way a man should treat his wife and how a wife should obey her husband has nothing to do with making women a second class citizen in God’s eye. He had to tell men what to do because he knew flesh would fail. He had to tell women what to do in hopes that if a man fails at his job she wouldn’t. I believe the purpose is that if at least one member of the marriage is seeking God and obeying His instructions the more of a chance they will make it through the hard times and go to better days.
So, moving forward the queen is banished and all wives are commanded to obey their husbands by a royal decree of King X.
Chapter 2 introduces us to a Jewish family. Jews were scattered during this time due to King Nebuchadnezzar and others. Mordecai was a Jew who took in his young cousin who was named Hadassah in Hebrew and the Persian (Iranian) translation is Esther. The name Hadassah/Esther means myrtle, bride and or star. No coincidence there. She was young and beautiful and King X just happened to desire a new queen. All the young virgin women were called to the palace. While I can see how easy it is to be appalled at the King for thinking he could just take his pick of which virgin pleased him the most let’s not be dishonest about our American culture. I have never listened to this new and debated song by Cardi B, I was told it was filthy and glorifies women being promiscuous without a conscience. While any and every woman who has lived that life style can be saved and her sin made white as snow, let us also not dare act like Cardi B’s song and King X is worse than what’s happening in the church today. Remember we are the gatekeepers. We are to be held accountable. For instance, there are unmarried couples in the church having premarital sex. I know it seems like the norm but the Word of God never changes on that subject. Besides, I haven’t heard of any men in this day paying for a full year of beauty treatments with fine oils and expensive gifts like King X did for all the virgins. Cardi B and her crew may pass it out like tic tacks but they do not serve our God. We serve Jesus and He says fine oils, feminism or whatever is no excuse for sex before marriage. Those of us reading who can’t go back in time and change our sin do not have to dwell on the past. My God forgave and cleared myself and every Christian who has ever or will ever sin by His loving-kindness and blood. Ask for forgiveness, repent and erase the guilt.
As you know the king made Esther his queen. Hang with me…
There Esther was, the bride of the King. She was enjoying her miraculous transformation from rags to riches. Sound familiar? We mentioned that Esther means bride. The church has lived like Esther did. We went from persecution overseas, came to America, made some bad decisions along the way but from rags to riches here we are. We’ve thrived with freedoms and zero persecution, until recently. Just living a charmed life here in America. (I typed that with my best southern accent) The church is the Bride of Christ and He has placed us on a throne in America. We were to rule this nation under His command. We were supposed to have gatekeepers in place to protect us and this nation. Hmmm. Esther had a gatekeeper, her cousin Mordecai. He had told her not to tell the king that she was a Jew. Queen Esther was able to follow the King/government’s law and also followed the instructions of her God fearing cousin. At this point the 2 didn’t make her have to choose one or the other. Mordecai was loyal to the King. He passed word to Esther about a plot to kill the King and she told King X giving credit to her cousin. That saved the King’s life, or at least we can assume. Being loyal to the King and a man of God brought a challenge to Mordecai. If the enemy can find no wavering in you, trust me that he will try and set you up. In chapter 3 when faced with choosing man’s law or God’s law Mordecai did not bow to Haman, the King’s new number 1. It was actually the King’s command that all were to bow down and show Haman respect. We know Romans 13:1 and other scripture says we are to obey governing authorities. However, many Christians are not also reading Acts 5:29 We must obey God rather than men. So yes we are to obey the government BUT not when it interferes with God’s law. How have so many of the church missed this? Is it the spirit of religion, the spirit of Jezebel, our lack of discipleship or just plain laziness? I realize there are medical and other issues that keep some of our brothers and sisters home rather than gathering with the brethren. However, for those of us healthy and well we are to be gathering, praying and not allowing the government to see how far they can push us without push back. This goes back all the way to abortion, prayer in school, gay marriage and oh my how about preachers we have idolized in the church, greed and pride. Its all wrong.
Well evil Haman didn’t like someone not bowing and worshiping him. His evil rage was so much that Ch. 3:6 explains that Haman decided to kill all the Jews. (yes he found out Mordecai was a Jew) Haman being evil to the core, plotted. He went to King X and described the Jewish people as defiant to all the King’s laws, so recommended those evil people must destroyed. He went as far to offer riches to the King and his royal treasury.
The Holy Spirit showed me that George Soros is a modern day Haman. He has plotted against America because he hates our Christian values. He hates the church. For years Soros has offered wealth to government officials in America seducing them with the hope for more power. Then he has used demonic forces and witchcraft to put them in the most evil acts. Soros and his minions have proof of those acts just in case they decide to turn to the cross. All Soros has had to do is convince American officials that if they would only slowly take away Christian rights their power and wealth would be secure. Also that if the church stayed in control the politicians would be exposed. Clintons, Bush, Obama and Alabama’s own Doug Jones are all paid by Soros. An unlikely man is called and somehow has defeated the odds, Donald J. Trump.
Just where was Haman getting this money he planned on paying the King’s men who carried out this extermination of Jews? From the Jews very own treasures in their homes! Not only is Soros a Jew but he was also a Nazi collaborator. He profited from the murder of God’s people. Haman believed he would profit from the murder of God’s people.
The King listened to Haman and said keep the money for yourself but do as you like with the Jews. Kind of an interesting twist to me. Sure he was a King that was wealthy, but he didn’t want his men or his royal treasury to profit.
Upon finding out of new decree to kill all Jewish men, women and children Mordecai went out to the city and was overcome with grief. He literally whaled, ripped his clothing and put on sackcloth and ashes. Confusion hit the Jews is Susa. Here is the difference I see with Mordecai and the church. First, he had done no wrong and rather than having to find out a secret plot was against all of the Jews the Lord allowed a public in your face this is what they will do to you decree to go out. Also, he publicly cried out to God.
The church has taken a back seat. We’ve acted like politics and freedom of choice take priority to God’s commandments. Jesus still died for us all and we are still His Church, His Bride. Therefore He is providing revelation to His remnant. His remnant has the responsibility of passing this revelation to other Christians. His mysterious plans are actually in the Bible if we look and pray for it. Who’s listening though? The church is silent for the most part. We shy away from talking about voting God’s law. We don’t want to offend anyone. However, we already know God’s law offends our flesh and we thank Him for that. Still, how many Christians support abortion because of free will? Do we want to compromise b/c we think circumstances can make sin ok? A Queen Vashti and Jezebel spirit of radical feministic ways have went to an extreme in America. Then there is the pro life pastor still stuck in religion. Whoa to you Pastor who preaches pro life and condemns the post abortive woman. Repent. Whoa to you brother or sister in Christ who proclaims the Gospel but supports the organization BLM. Repent. I’m going into some detail about the BLM organization not because I am pro KKK. I condemn KKK. Plus, the KKK is alive, reorganized and disguised in the Democratic party. I can write another lesson on that. For now, BLM is gathering millions of dollars and support from Globalist but even worse PASTORS. One co-founder Patrisse Cullors has openly had an art exhibit called Prayer to the iyami. Iyami is a term of respect and endearment used to describe a woman of African ancestry who is considered to be an Aje, a woman who wields myriad arcane creative biological, spiritual, and cosmic powers. Sounds like witchcraft to me and she’s just one of the 3 who are evil. The lie of the enemy is using identity politics to deceive the nations. White supremacy has no place in the Kingdom of God nor does BLM. Christian leaders stop using hashtags with say her/his name etc. That is an ancient African witchcraft of chanting names now modernized online used to invoke demon spirits. Geez let’s wake up to our own fault that has brought in the accuser stronger than ever.
Now, Mordecai gets word to Queen Esther. He tells her to beg for mercy on herself and her people to the King. He wanted her to expose herself and who she really was. It wasn’t that easy. Written governing law stated the Queen could only approach the King when he called for her. Unless the King handed her the scepter when she approaches him in the inner court she will be killed. Wow Esther is in a pickle of all pickles. She can let the truth be known and beg for mercy but it may not be accepted and so her life would be taken. Why would she want to leave this glamorous life of riches and comfort? In her mind it may work itself out without her having to step out of that comfort zone God Almighty gave her. Besides, she’s the queen, right? Does anyone see this clear picture God gave the church and how it pertains to America even today in 2020? I know I’m not the only one. The church is comfy, we think praying to God and not walking in faith that He will defend us is ok. We think we can sit back and wait for the trumpet. No man knows the hour of His return but I am convinced He will not come back for a weakling bride.
Mordacai responds to Esther in 4:13-14 …Don’t think for a moment you will escape there in the palace while all other Jews are killed. If you keep quiet at a time like this deliverance for the Jews will arise from some other place, but you and your father’s house shall be destroyed. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?
The confusion about God’s will for the modern day church is that His will is always pleasing to us. Negative, our lack of devotion brings the will of correction. God will allow bad things to happen to a generation because we sat back and didn’t honor and obey Him. He wants to rescue us, but His hand can’t be moved without us praying and acting in faith!
God himself will see America be put under Biden and Christians persecuted if we do not rise up for His name sake. The question is are we willing to suffer and let our children suffer because we didn’t take a stand? Will the next generation call upon Him after death and destruction covers this world?
It appears the church is NOT willing to sacrifice it’s comfort for our God!
We must cry out, we trust you Lord, your ways are Holy and we repent! Come Holy Spirit and angels of the Lord and bring His righteous judgment to our accusers and keep us safe! Lord let those lost be saved and turn to you for peace and joy they’ve never known. Lord come save America because you love her and for your name sake! Remember our President please Father. For he may not have been a righteous man but He has carried out your will for Jerusalem and other laws that protect the rights of Christians in pulpits, changed racist systematic sentencing for first offenders, protected lives of infants after a botched abortion and many more! Lord I believe He will be a saved man SOON and He will shout the name of Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth from the White House. Not by his power or might but by YOUR HOLY SPIRIT FATHER. You are not second to man but you choose to use us for your glory!
Ending this lesson we can see that Esther makes a bold faith filled decision for God’s people. She asked the people of God to pray and fast. Then EVEN THOUGH IT WAS AGAINST MAN’S LAW she decided to indeed approach the King, die or not!!!

Without fear in Him,
Jennifer Netherton


You read that correctly. This word from the Holy Spirit, I hesitated to give. Let me start with saying, I love the church and the brethren. However the Father is calling HIS CHURCH OUT so His glory may be manifest in the Earth.
You thought that Satan had all authority over the earth? No, he’s the “prince” of darkness. My God is King and He who lives in me says I am a Daughter of Zion. I am an heiress to an eternal kingdom.

Romans 8:11 – But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you!

We lost dominion in the garden BUT BY JESUS the dominion was given back to His sons and daughters. READ THE SCRIPTURES AND TAKE YOUR TERRITORY AND PURPOSE BACK CHURCH! The blood of Jesus and the supernatural power in Him is for me, you and all those who accept Him. (Read Isaiah 59:15-17, Hebrews 2:5-8)
How long will the church be passive? How long will “old time religion” be sung in a church as if it’s a medal of honor? WAKE UP…IT’S A SHOUT TO THE ENEMY THAT HE HAS YOUR POWER IN HIS HAND. Religion is what the Pharisees had, the Spirit of ALMIGHTY GOD who wants us to pray YOUR KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN IS OUR SONG! Does this world look like His will? HE knew this was to come but it wasn’t God’s will for us sit back and wait for a trumpet to sound. It is only His will as long as we do not act accordingly! Yes I long for the Bridegroom but we are called to occupy until then! God’s will always gets carried out BUT HE WAITS FOR A GENERATION TO WAKE UP AND BE THOSE PEOPLE! Our daily lives, our blessings have became a hindrance to His MORE in our lives. How do I know…because I was guilty. How many more days will we walk around in our bubble and think our scheduled services are deserving of Honor from the Father to us??!! I really felt like I was moving up when I read my Bible in the morning, said a little prayer, cried when I had visitation from the Holy Spirit, went to church, tithed, worked all day like a good American, came home and enjoyed my horses then cooked and cleaned. WRONG! He wanted more of me, Hallelujah, He wanted all my time, my sleep and my hunger. THANK YOU FATHER!

Confession – I was like a spoiled brat when it came to fasting! Let me recommend The Power of Consecration by Jeremiah Johnson. It changed my life. Yes, I did a 3 day partial fast, you heard me PARTIAL FAST (Daniel Fast) and it changed my life. I had no clue how my all day grazing reaching for food and especially sugar was ruining my body and mind.
The Lord broke through when I fasted and listened. As the enemy started to tell me since I wasn’t completely fasting I was doomed, the Lord whispered, I’m teaching you a lifestyle. What would a one day fast accomplish if you went right back to the same habits? So after 3 days and suddenly 5lbs down I ate meat, ok Lasagna. I do not boast on my weight loss, heavens NO. On day 3 I felt like I should weigh. Just understand that with me already being a smaller size it revealed all the junk I was filling my belly with where His Spirit needed to feed me. Guess what? The Lord cares. He is serious, yet my cheerleader. I will fast again and often why…because I encountered new levels of HIM that I can’t live without!! Praise the Lord!
Now then, brothers and sisters there is still time to pray! Find joy in praying down the strong holds! You really can, I know I do. Praise His name and declare His power and glory over this land! He will remove the fear and make you strong in Him! He will fill all those areas you feel lost in. I know this to be true! He loves you!

Here’s another problem. The church is treating Prophets like a pope. How so? God’s ppl are seeking answers and connecting with Prophets online. When they hear a prophesy of prosperity… they say that’s for me, then sit back and wait. When it doesn’t come to pass it’s either the Prophets fault or Gods. WHAT??? Did you pray and ask the Lord about it? Did you discern the spirit? Sadly, Lord forgive us, we depend and sometimes blindly trust in that Prophet or Pastor’s relationship with the Lord and neglect having a relationship with Him ourselves! NO NO NO! Jesus is the High Priest and we must go to the throne room and seek the Lord ourselves to know what is right and wrong. It’s not the responsibility of the 5 fold ministry to be your advocate to the Father.
What about when a prophesy proclaims wrath and judgment? I do have a heart for those living in fear, I pray you seek the Lord in Spirit and truth because that is an attack from the enemy and I bind it over any of you now by the Blood of Jesus! How about those people who claim the prophet must be false since disaster never hit. Those people are stocked up on ammo and beanie weenies. Lord help us, did you know that those type of prophesies are a warning from God so that we may LISTEN, PRAY and REPENT oh no I said REPENT but yes REPENT and turn to God? It’s not a time to be fearful brothers and sisters. It’s a time to test the spirit and see if its a word from the Holy Spirit or not. If it is then GIVE THANKS THAT GOD IS WARNING US TO SEEK HIM AND ESCAPE WRATH! If the destruction never comes and you never hit those knees and cried to the Father then it’s time to thank the Lord that others prayed and He heard their prayers! IF you did pray and still you expected evil and didn’t see it PRAISE THE LORD HE HEARD YOU!

A message for those who have operated in the Apostolic anointing for years or just learning they have been called…
Do not let others or demon spirits keep you from the calling on your life. I pray for you to be strong and not fearful of a pointing finger saying you are false. Seek the Lord and He will lead you. Fight the good fight and be who you were called to be! I know you have the fire in you and it want’s to be fed…I have it too and I say NOW LORD! Move your warriors NOW so we may call out the evil for you to break it! Now LORD RAISE UP to spread the news of your LOVE and compassion! Now Lord we confess you are THE ALPHA AND OMEGA!
Church the Bible is full of prophesy so it’s time to teach on it! I say that not by me, because I’m not smart enough to come up with this long post. I give this message only by the power of the Holy Spirit!

The church is mission field! We have allowed sin to creep in & demonic religious strongholds have limited our power. We allow the lost to fool us since discernment isn’t being discussed. The church is meant to be a place the lost can be loved but until they accept Christ, they are not be a gatekeeper! They are not be on stage! Lord God we scream America needs God but we have those in witchcraft operating the gates!
Lord bring your truth to us and allow us to repent! Reveal the demons in your house and bind them in the name of Jesus. Let the lost be found and your name glorified. MAKE US BOLD. Lord help the next person that cherry picks a scripture on how I should obey the rulers and government even if my Christian rights are being threatened or babies being murdered. I pray for you to correct me of any offense I have committed knowingly or not. Jesus keep me moldable. Lord also I pray that even the scoffers would read this will be intrigued to come back and read what you have laid on my heart to blog about next,

Forgive me for my wasted years Lord,
Jennifer Netherton